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Renting Equipment Can Be Cost Effective

Alexander Equipment rents aerial lifts, industrial forklifts, telehandlers and other construction equipment. We can help you choose the right machine for the job. Delivery and pick up service available.

How to Operate a Skyjack SJIII4732

Familiarization Demo of the Month

Need to know more about how to operate the new Skyjack SJIII4732? Check out this great tutorial on the functions and operation of this popular electric scissor lift.

How to Avoid Electrocution Hazards While Operating a MEWP

MEWP’s are not electrically insulated. Operator’s must find out the voltage of all power sources in their work area and maintain the required clearance.

How to Safely Operate a MEWP on a Sloped Surface

First, determine the maximum slope rating for your machine, then calculate the slope angle you need to drive on.

Job Site Safety in Hot Summer Temperatures

Summer temps can be dangerous for workers. Do you know how to keep safe on the job site during the summer months?

FREE Full body harness and lanyard with purchase of a boom lift. exp 8/31/22

FREE First required annual safety inspection with purchase of a forklift. exp 8/31/22